Tempus Fugit - When all you have is time.

At the start of the year a good friend of mine called me at 1am with an idea. Often that is how these things start.

We chewed the idea over and talked and it felt like at its core there was a story to be told.

The premise was pretty simple - imagine if you had been picked by a higher power, or fate or even sheer luck to live almost forever. That as a character you could have been a bystander, catalyst, survivor, or engineer of any number of historical actions viewed through the lens of history.

Imagine further that such things are only possible because nobody really believes that it is possible, Imagine the consequences if people discovered that it was possible.

The concept of throwing together a bunch of characters with the possible depth of fictional heroes like the highlander or Night Watch, or the old guard. Characters who through circumstance or necessity have avoided each other for decades, even centuries. The stories you could tell, feuds that could be crafted and stories interwoven.

With the potential for storytelling the concept awoke we then looked at how you could pace and create a high pressure, story driven event about removing the one thing those characters have always enjoyed in abundance - Time.

"nobody values how long a minute is, until you have one left"

So I'm thrilled to be on the writing team for Tempus Fugit and to help the team put on what I hope will be novel and unique event.

Head over to Facebook - or follow the link on the main page and check out the fuss.

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