A Pinch of Salt

Updated: Mar 29

So I figured it was time I put words on paper, scrabbled my thoughts into one place and tried to generally do something cohesive and useful.

I will be attempting to put my games I'm working on and running on the site, as well as useful links, some blogs and hopefully some guest blogs in an attempt to create something useful and community minded here.

I have lots of experience and lots of "opinions" but I haven't been good at putting in a format that is consumable.

So a little about me I guess:

I'm Tristan

I love LRP, I haven't ever met one I didn't like and I'm fascinated by lots of aspects of creating and running LRP.

I love policy, Rules, Plot, clever concepts and all of the people involved in making the magic happen.

I've been privileged to be a part of or help with running many LRP systems and games at varying levels as well as being surrounded by many incredible people.

After a few years of staffing, playing, crewing and generally floating about I decided it was high time to try and push something back into the hobby, as well as change the type of games I create and explore new things.

This website and its contents are to document that journey.

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