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Creative LRP Experiences

Paramnesia games run varying styles of LRP in the UK.

We have been involved with many types of LRP on every level, and have collected experience spanning decades.

We are seeking to run engaging, inclusive and diverse games.

This website is a collection of blogs, information and links about UK LRP and the LRP we hope to create.


Our Games

Below is a list of the games we are currently producing or collaborating with


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves"

Thomas Edison


Upcoming Events

  • 30 Sept, 19:00 – 02 Oct, 15:00
    Horley Scout Campsite, Horley, UK
  • 02 Dec, 17:00 – 04 Dec, 11:00
    Coventry, Coventry CV7 7HR, UK
    Tempus Fugit is a 30-hour live roleplaying event set in present day Britain which aims to explore themes of human connection, the fleeting nature of time and the weight of our actions. The only resource is time.

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